Well Alrighty Then!

Well, after months of staying away from writing a blog, frankly some of the reasons where just plain MEAN!!!! Yes, you know who you are, no worries, still “Love You”.  As a friend of mine once told me “Women, can’t live with them & can’t ship them all to Canada”, I want to “Thank You” Donald! Maybe you should run for President, hmmm, just saying, who knew?  Speaking on running for President, we did all know that our Gal Hillary would run, hell she’s done nothing in the last 20 years except to run for President….  Well good for you Hillary (Stand by Your Man) Clinton!

Well, then there is “Prince”, he Overdose’s on drugs, so the Surgeon General (must have been a fan) decides to tell Doctors, “Let people who need Pain Med’s, take an aspirin”!  So, anybody who is truly in pain has a choice:

  • Stay home, sit on the couch and watch T.V., forget having a life…
  • Hook up with “Veeto”(not political, even spelled wrong), he’ll sell you some Elephant Tranquilizers  & you’ll get to meet Prince…

Know perhaps you see why I was asked politely not to write Blogs!  Fact is this site is meant to sell things, so buy something!  If you just want to criticize me or are interested in what else can come directly to you, send an e-mail to; fcb@randomthoughts.rocks , I won’t hold my breath!

Well, gotta run, get ready for FOOTBALL, my wife is out of town! Take my wife for example, married 36 wonderful years & lived together 5 years prior to “walking down the isle”.  So, I’ve been with the “Lovely Lady” for damn 41 years know. As God is my witness, for all those years, I’ve watched football, yes all 41 years & to this day she exclaims “I don’t understand the sport”???? You get the ball and ….. Damn girl, Come On!!!!!!

In closing GO BLUE – GREEN & WHITE!!!!  Yea, that’s right the “Big Ten” BABY!!!


Frederick C.



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