Q2 Store

We’re a women’s fashion brand with a high-street mind but a Haute Couture heart located in Spain.
Our buyers’ have made a HUGE COMMITMENT to “Q2 Store”, take a peek and we think you’ll see why!
Check these and many other products out at: Made in the USA, Rocks
Paul Parkman Handmade Shoes
PAUL PARKMAN ® represents a sophisticated brand of luxury man’s footwear which never loses sight of the real art of handcrafting and enhances the personality of those experiencing the brand. Paul Parkman prides itself on manufacturing some of the highest quality men’s dress shoes on the market. Starting from the English style, during the years our brand has been constantly modelling its collections dedicating particular attention to the tendencies of the moment, however being faithful to its genre, that is to say classical & fashionable shoes.
Everything is conceived in order to answer to the requirements of a modern, metropolitan man, an engaged man, who loves to follow present times with their fashion, but who demands high levels of quality. The value of the shoes has always been a factor of recognition for Paul Parkman brand. In order to satisfy this goal, raw materials are selected with special attention. The choice is often represented by valuable leathers. Our team has managed to combine made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, attaining a result of the very utmost quality.

PAUL PARKMAN ® creations are all made strictly by hand in a small factory, in limited numbers; and feature obsessive research into leathers, materials and details.

Following this philosophy, Paul Parkman reached important peaks of professionalism. A professionalism whose fame conquered the markets of great part of the world. PAUL PARKMAN ® realizes its products with passion. In this way the production of the shoes maintains the ancient flavour of the handicraft. The man cut, sews, assembles progressively modelling a daily art work.

mooi lab
Founded in Alexandria, Virginia in 2015, mooi lab is an ethical and socially conscious lifestyle brand designed for the modern family and home. Our mission is to provide safe and kind products that give back. Our products are vegan, cruelty free, and do not contain harsh or harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and phthalates.

We offer products that we personally design and handcraft under our brand name.

Le Chic, LLC
Chicago native NYC based CEO & founder, Joanna Stangreciak, always envisioned having her own fashion brand that caters to the modern, sophisticated woman of today. As a former Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) alumni, Joanna gained the knowledge and experience of all aspects of fashion including beauty, New York Fashion Week, styling, designing, etc. With extensive experience and training from major fashion companies in Los Angeles & New York City and working with buyers and clients from known brands such as Nine West, Free People, Henri Bendel and NARS, Joanna decided to finally turn her vision and passion into reality.

Joanna’s vision of Le Chic initially started as an international ecommerce company, but then expanded vastly into a successful wholesale company. However, she decided that 2015 was the year she was going to bring back her original passion for her ecommerce company by revamping Le Chic ( and formulating it to personally connect more with her customers, both retail and wholesale. Joanna’s philosophy behind obtaining and maintaining success in the fashion industry entails personally catering to customers and providing them with the best possible customer service possible. Joanna believes this enables her customers to feel special and one-of-a-kind, which they truly are to her, no matter what.

While Joanna has been positively acknowledged for her self-made success through vast media channels, she also believes in giving back to communities and providing some kind of charitable contribution in order to make a difference and support others in need. Therefore, Le Chic is proud to have made numerous contributions/participations to charitable organizations and fashion events supporting causes relating to children, health, and animals as well as continues to feel very passionate in remaining involved.

As Joanna Stangreciak’s passion and influential fashion sense continues to reflect in the evolution and relaunch of Le Chic (, there are other exciting future ventures planned such as a swimwear line and having her own charity organization one day. In the meantime, let the your strong, independent, mature, sophisticated fashionista self allow to experience what Joanna has created for you at Le Chic!



Established in 2006, Origany, founded by Raj Sardesh prides itself as one that is focusing on environmentally conscious clothing and accessories made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. We call it “Clothing Made Organic by Nature.”

Raj Sardesh, a parent himself holds a belief that today’s parents view their environment as well as fashion in a “green” context. Green has become the new black! To be Green, parents feel that they do not need to, nor do they want to, give up the colors, designs or the super soft feel of the clothes they are used to putting on their kids. To appeal to this discerning audience, we made a conscious decision to create designs for our clothing that are sophisticated and super soft to touch.

Origany clothes are ideal for babies and toddlers to play in, are super soft and made with 100% organic cotton. All Origany children’s clothes, sizes 0-10Y, are made from 100% organic cotton in either India or Peru, from cotton grown in respective country. All apparel is made with low-impact, Eco-friendly dyes that minimize environmental impact.


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