The Boys of Summer

The “Boys of Summer” are back!  Who are the boys of summer you ask?  Spring Training, the Grapefruit League, Ernie Harwell and on and on, yea it’s time to hear the crack of the bat!  Being from Detroit, baseball means summer is on the way or a transistor radio tuned in to WJR radio, going to Briggs Stadium with my Grandfather to watch my Detroit Tigers…

Any Tiger Fan remembers “Hall of Fame” announcer for 42 fabulous years in Detroit, Mr. Ernie Harwell starting every season with “The Voice of the Turtle”! Well Check this out Tiger Fans:

Bet that brings back a few memories?  We miss ya Ernie & Mr. Mick Illich the owner of the Franchise.  Known as Mr. I, arguably the man who started the city of Detroit’s new vitality as he moved “Little Caesars Pizza” HQ into Detroit, when everyone else was running out of the City.

Memories that bring back a warm feeling,  a smile to my face & I hope to yours?  If you have some baseball memories you would like to share,  please join us at: hope we hear from you!

Made in the USA, Rocks is pleased to bring you Official MLB over-sized Tie Dye Tee Shirts:

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These official MLB Tee’s are available in Youth & Adult Sizes at: Made in the USA, Rocks , special pricing for the Month of March.  Bring back your own memories for your family. 

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming baseball season!  I will make a prediction that my Detroit Tigers will see your favorite National League team in the upcoming “World Series”! Sorry for you, da Tigers will be the World Champ this season!

I do hope I’ve brought back a few of your own memories…….

Frederick C.



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