Made in the USA, Rocks

Made in the USA, Rocks offering FREE SHIPPING until April, 10th in the FEATURED PRODUCTS collection… Some really new cool stuff, just for you! For example: Starting at just $5.99 for the Aviator shade’s not to mention FREE SHIPPING you just can’t go wrong!!! Or something new we’ve been working on, a brand new concept we call “ADDICT”, here is a taste: … More Made in the USA, Rocks

COMING SOON: Train Service between A2 & Traverse City, Michigan

Personally this is a dream come true, I’ve pondered this dream for close to 40 years. The click clack of the train ride, no traffic on the express way, great experience for your kids and grand kids, I can go on, but think you probably get the idea? For more information regarding apparel check thing … More COMING SOON: Train Service between A2 & Traverse City, Michigan

New Basic’s

Well, how about a very nice 3/4 Raglan Sleeve “Logo” Tee, these little beauties are Made in the USA & built for comfort!  Yea, then there is the classic “Block M” with our logo on the back… Oh yea, how kool is that!  You pay me and I advertise on your backside, only in America! Just … More New Basic’s